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Provided further that the person in whose favor an unregistered document is executed shall be entitled to enforce the contract under the unregistered document in a suit for specific performance against a person claiming under a subsequent registered document, subject to the provisions of clause of Section 27 of the Specific Relief Act, 1877]. For the purposes of any such inquiry, the Court or person authorized by the Court to hold the inquiry may examine the petitioner for probate or letters of administration Quick House Sale London on oath and may take such further evidence as may be produced to prove the true value of the property. The person authorized as aforesaid to hold the inquiry shall return to the Court the evidence taken by him and report the result of the inquiry, and such report and the evidence so taken shall be evidence in the proceeding, and the Court may record a finding in accordance with the report unless it is satisfied that it is erroneous. In the case of self-employed foreign nationals e.g., doctors, lawyers, architects, consultants etc., a remittance permit will be issued by the State Bank. Authorized Dealers should submit applications of such foreign nationals in the prescribed form (Appendix V-59), together with a statement of income for the preceding one year and the latest income-tax assessment order.

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Details of the purpose of the remittance should be stated in full on Form ‘M’ and appropriate documentary evidence in support of the application attached thereto. Authorised Dealers should advise all applicants that it is in their interest to state clearly the purpose of the remittances, as a decision on the application can be taken by the State Bank only after considering full facts of each case. Authorised Dealers must satisfy themselves regarding the bonafides of each case through their personal knowledge of the applicant, if any, or evidence which the applicant may be able to produce. After thus satisfying themselves, the Authorised Dealers should certify the application and forward it to the State Bank for consideration. In each case the nationality of the applicant should be stated and if the applicant is not a resident of Pakistan, the name of the country of which he is a resident shall be mentioned. If the applicant is a foreign national, the period of his residence in Pakistan and his future intention in this regard should be clearly spelled out.

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May, by rule made under this Act, require that such houses and lands as aforesaid shall, for the purposes of Sec. 21, be so described. Other houses and lands shall be described by their name, if any, and as being in the territorial division in which they are situate, and by their superficial contents, the roads and other properties on which they abut, and their existing occupancies, and also, whenever it is practicable, by reference to a Government map or survey. Authorities to adopt a son, executed after the first day of January, 1872, and not conferred by a will, shall also be registered.

Foreign nationals, who are resident in and have income in Pakistan, are permitted to make remittances to the country of their domicile out of their current savings, to cover their commitments for family maintenance, insurance premia, educational expenses of their children, legal charges, mortgage payments, loan, interest etc. Such remittances can be made to the extent of the difference between the net income of the applicant and his estimated expenses in Pakistan, as declared by him in the prescribed application form. This facility is, however, not available to Indian and Afghan nationals and foreign-born wives of Pakistan nationals. In the case of self-employed persons carrying on their business or profession in Pakistan e.g. doctors, lawyers, architects, consultants etc., a certified true copy of the permission letter of the Board of Investment.

All fees for the registration of documents under this Act shall be payable on the presentation of such documents. The provisions contained in sub-sections and of Section 75 shall, mutatis mutandis apply to all documents presented for registration in accordance with any such decree, and, notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, fast house sale London the document shall be receivable in evidence in such suit. Every such officer may also at his discretion record a note of the substance of the statement made by each such person, and such statement shall be read over, or interpreted to him in a language with which the is acquainted, and, if he admit the correctness of such note, it shall be signed by the registering officer. When a document is presented for registration under Section 19, the translation shall be transcribed in the register of documents of the nature of the original, and, together with the copy referred to in Section 19, shall be filed in the registration office. Nothing in sub-section applies to leases exempted under the proviso to sub-section of Section 17 or to any document mentioned in sub-section of the same section, or to any registered document which had not priority under the law in force at the commencement of this Act.

Shall provide for the office of every registering officer the books necessary for the purposes of this Act. In the circumstances where the property for sale is mortgaged, a letter of undertaking is obtained from the mortgagee that if payment is made, the title documents covering the property will be forwarded directly to the Agent. This is imperative especially if the loan is to be settled from the proceeds of sale. The agent ensures that proceeds of Sale is more than needed to liquidate the loan.

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During Inspection, all the relevant data which include location, description, accommodation, services provided, condition of the property are collated in the field and any other relevant information. This write-up will examine the procedure involved in real property sale, problems usually encountered and proffer solutions to them. No. 5672/C‑80 is set aside and these civil miscellaneous applications dismissed. Nos.7/C‑86, 8/C‑86, 10; C‑86, 11/C‑86, 12/C‑86, 14/C‑86, 16/C‑86 and 1/C‑87 are dismissed with no order as to costs. Authorised Dealers should make remittances direct to the internationally known publishers and book-sellers only.